Sunday, November 2, 2008

Countdown to Election Day: Six Reasons Why Sarah Palin is Unqualified for VP (Part 4)

Reason Number Two:  What You See is Not What you Get 

Only two more days.  Can you believe it?  I'll be there when history is being made.  Yes, I've got tickets.  (sound of fireworks going off).  Unless the Republicans manage to pull off election fraud on a North Korean level, Barak Obama will be our next president.   And I'll be there to help him celebrate.  

In the meantime Sarah Palin is still out there pretending she's got what it takes to be a legitimate candidate for national office.  She doesn't.  Here's another reason why:  what you see is not what you get. 

* * * 

People in Alaska who have watched Palin make her moves since high school speak of the disconnect between the person she appears to be and who she actually is.  That's true of many politicians, of course, but with Palin it's almost pathalogical.  Here are  just a few of the anomolies in her biography:

  • She has been an active member of two fundamentalist churches.  To become mayor of Wasila she played the fundamentalist card to the hilt.  Made it a part of her campaign rhetoric - she was out to create a "godly" town.  Her run in with the local librarian was connected to this.  Tried to get her to remove "questionable" books.  When she refused Palin tried to fire her.  The only reason she didn't succeed is because towns people protested.  She was Mrs. Fundamentalist then.  But when she ran for governor, suddenly she was fundamentalist no longer.  Why?  Because she couldn't get elected with a fundamentalist agenda.  Now she declares herself to be a generic Christian.  In other words, don't ask, don't tell.  

         So who is she?  Fundamentalist?  Or not?  

  • She likes to portray herself as a maverick opposed to the "old boy" network.  Yet, those who know her best point out that she has played "old boy" politics to the hilt, firing people she doesn't like and replacing them with people she does, whether they're qualified or not.  With Sarah Palin it's an extreme form of political patronage.  

         So who is she?  Maverick politician or Boss Tweed in a skirt?

  • Palin loves also to portray herself as an opponent of ear marks and socialism.  In point of  fact she loves both.  It's what has made her such a popular governor.   Whatever the oild companies or tax payers in the lower 48 can do to help her buy her way into Alaskans' good graces she'll do.  

          So again, who is she?  Maverick cost cutter or hands-in-our-pockets           socialist?  The later is closer to the truth.  

    I'll say it again:  Sarah Palin is a hypocrite of the highest order.   With her you never know what you're getting.  Hardly the kind of person we need anywhere near the White House.    


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