Monday, November 3, 2008

Countdown to Election Day: Six Reasons Why Sarah Palin is Unqualified for President - REASON NUMBER 1

Reason Number One: She is a Divisive, Vindictive Person

Can you believe it? One more day and all of the distortions, bone-headed accusations, mud-slinging nonsense that have been defining characteristics of the McCain/Palin ticket will be over. One more day and we can say "goodby and good riddance" to the most unqualified vice presidential candidate ever to grace a national campaign. The incredible thing is that there are actually people who are beginning to tout Palin for a presidential run in 2012. From where I sit that may be a good thing. It will mean yet another victory for the Democrats.

In our countdown to tomorrow's history-making vote, here's reason number two why Palin is supremely unqualified to serve as VP (much less president! God forbid!):

She is a vindictive, divisive person

A quick glance back at the letter I have put up on this blog more than once from Anne Kilkenny, shows that Palin's vindictive streak has been a defining characteristic of her governing style from day one. In fact, there is evidence that this is what she's been about since high school. Here are just a few things that give credence to this accusation:

  • She tried to get a small town librarian fired simply because she wouldn't go along with her ideas about what books to stock in the library.
  • She had a police chief fired because she found him intimidating.
  • She used her aides and husband to go after her brother-in-law to make sure he got fired. When a police chief failed to follow through she went after him. A bi-partisan committee found in this case clear evidence of abuse of office. She dismissed it as though it was a matter of little account.
  • Starting at the Republican National Convention she has gleefully twisted the truth about Obama's record, belittled and berated her opponents and gotten crowds fired up with sound byte distortions: "he palls around with terrorists," "he's a socialist" "he's not one of us" so that her campaign rallies have begun to resemble lynch mobs. And through it all she acts as though she is oblivious to the hate she is whipping up.
Watch the following videos and make your own decisions:

Palin Attacks Obama with no real understanding of what he is proposing:

Obama "palls around with terrorists"

A typical Palin crowd:

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