Saturday, October 11, 2008

McCain/Palin: Guilty as Charged

With the revelation of Palin's guilt in the Troopergate scandal we now know the difference between the McCain/Palin team and the Obama/Biden team.

It's guilt by association versus just plan guilt.

The McCain/Palin team have done their best to smear Obama using the classic Republican tactic of "guilt by association." Obama, they say, is ill suited to be president because of the company he has kept in the past. It's what others have done rather than what he has done that convicts him, even though the ties they cite are inconsequential.

With the Republicans, on the other hand, its simply guilt.

McCain's abuse of office through unwise dealings with Savings and Loan shark, Charles Keating: Guilty.

Palin's abuse of office for a personal vendetta: Guilty.

Big difference between the two.

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