Saturday, September 27, 2008

Countdown: Five Days to the Debate (online opinions)

More Days to the Palin-Biden Debate

Here's the buzz from the net about the upcoming debate. Regular updates to follow:

From CNN:

Advisers to Palin were reportedly worried that format could put the Alaska governor -- a relatively inexperienced debater -- on the defensive most of the evening.

The agreed-upon format for that debate now includes an abbreviated two-minute discussion period during which the candidates can engage each other.

From Donklephant:

Between Palin’s slim grasp of the facts and Biden’s inability to keep his brain in sync with his mouth, may need weeks to sort out the vice presidential debate.

From The Telegraph (UK):

As The Sunday Telegraph has reported previously, prominent neoconservative thinkers are seeking to shape the foreign policy views of Mrs Palin, whom they regarded as largely a "blank page" on international affairs.


Advisers from the Bush administration are prepping Gov. Sarah Palin for her vice presidential debate with Sen. Joe Biden, U.S. political strategists say.

Palin's coaches are tough political operatives who helped George W. Bush become president of the United States, The Daily Telegraph reported Saturday.

For the sole vice presidential debate Oct. 2, the Alaska governor is being coached by Mark Wallace, Bush's deputy campaign manager in 2004 and Tucker Eskew, a Republican strategist at the forefront of Bush's primary battle in 2002 against Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., the current Republican presidential nominee.

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