Sunday, September 7, 2008

Not Even Alaskans are Sure about Palin's Qualifications

From Mudflats:

First Post-Palin Poll Numbers in From Alaska.

6 09 2008

There’s been lots of talk, Sarah-mania, Sarah-despair, and gossip up here in Alaska. But now the first poll numbers are in and we can see how Palin’s nomination has affected Alaskans’ opinions of our governor and wannabee Vice President. Comparing the poll numbers taken August 9-12, and August 30-September 2, here’s how they compare.

What is your opinion of Sarah Palin?

Positive: 80.2% -> 81.6%

Negative: 13.2% -> 13.1%

Neutral: 6.4% -> 5.4%

The first poll finished up the day before the infamous taped phone call between Frank Bailey and Trooper Mike Dial, where Bailey pressured Dial to axe Palin’s ex-brother-in-law Trooper Mike Wooten. So, if there had been any negative effect, it doesn’t show here. Palin’s popularity had dipped to 67% at one point after Troopergate, but she’s back up into the 80s. So, if you loved her before, you still do. If you didn’t, you still don’t. End of story.

But here’s an interesting twist. When asked if McCain’s choice of Palin helped or hurt the Republican’s chances this fall:

Helps: 65.2%

Hurts: 20.2%

Not Sure: 14.6%

There’s clearly a segment of people who, although they like Palin in Alaska, aren’t as confident that she brings much to the national ticket.

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