Thursday, September 18, 2008

More Evidence that the "Palin Effect" Has Failed

What could have been predicted when Senator McCain appointed an unknown, under-qualified, skeltons-in-her-closet hockey mom, who readily admits the only real difference between her and a pit bull is lipstick; that's it, just lipstick; is pretty much turning out to be true. She is becoming yesterday's news. Worse for the Republicans, she is becoming a drag on the ticket.

Check out the latest:


"After an initial burst of support among white women, the shock choice for Republican vice-presidential nominee of an inexperienced governor who hunts moose and has five children has solidified the female vote in the party's base, but has not so far attracted new women voters in significant numbers, a new poll by the New York Times-CBS suggested.

At the same time, her strong anti-abortion views and withering put-downs of Mr Obama seem to have galvanized Democrats. Mr McCain led in the category of white women under 45 by three percentage points before Mrs Palin's introduction, but now trails by 14, according to the poll. The survey was conducted before the bank failures of the past few days which are only likely to push Mrs Palin further into the shadows."

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