Thursday, September 25, 2008


I just realized why the McCain camp is desperate to keep Sarah Palin away from awkward unscripted encounters with the press. It hit me while I was watching a clip from the Katie Couric interview where Palin was struggling to justify earlier statements she had made about Alaska's proximity to Russia giving her good foreign policy experience. It was painful viewing, kind of like watching one of the less talented performers on American Idol, the kind that get booted in the first go. I mean, what came out of her mouth was nearly incomprehensible.

Here's the reason for sequestering Sarah: Palinisms; which would be the Alaskan version of Bushisms, those comic-ly entertaining malaproprisms that flow so freely from our beloved leader's mouth. I have a feeling, in fact, that stand up comedians are drooling over a Palin vice-presidency. I figure Jon Stewart may even vote for McCain to get her in office given the kind of material he'll have handed him on a platter with Palin's ascendancy.

I intend to start a collection. Hopefully others will, as well. Who knows, this could get to be a new cottage industry. PALINISMS!

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