Monday, September 15, 2008

Is She or Isn't She Stonewalling? You Decide

Two conflicting narratives are developing around the allegations of Governor Palin's abuse of office in the "trooper-gate" scandal. The latest is that the whole thing is just one more element of an Obama conspiracy against Palin. The Democrats are "politicizing" it. The other is, well, the actual narrative which is that a Republican dominated Alaskan government initiated the investigation with Governor Palin pledging full cooperation. The politicization in this case began when the Republicans entered the picture dead set on distancing Palin from the scandal. That's when she started stone walling.

Rather than argue one way or the other let me share both sides of the story - the one reported by CNN, the other by the Alaskan blogger, AKMuckraker in his blog, Mudflats. So you decide:

from CNN:

Palin Aide Says Obama Backers Politicizing Alaska Investigation

Palin Refuses to Cooperate with Ethics Probe. What a Surprise.

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