Wednesday, September 24, 2008

David Letterman Says: Give Us Sarah Palin!

Look out, folks. David Letterman is pissed. McCain dissed him tonight. Preferred looking "presidential" with Katie Couric. Things are far too serious to be yukking it up with Letterman. Far too serious even to be debating the issues with Senator Obama. Apparently McCain thinks the country is waiting for him to save us. Without his presence in Washington at this very moment the whole business is going to go down the tubes. Save us, Senator McCain. Oh, please save us!

What Letterman says is, "OK, maybe it's a good thing for McCain to go to Washington. But why suspend the campaign? He's got a pinch hitter. That's what a vice president does. Let McCain go to Washington. Give us Palin instead..

Yeah, right. Like that's going to happen.
Here's Letterman. Never seen him so steamed . . . .

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