Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sarah Palin and American Exceptionalism (from the New York Times)

Once again the New York Times editorial staff has hit the proverbial nail squarely on its proverbial head. It's Roger Cohen this time. What he writes about is yet another reason why Sarah Palin is yesterday's news.

Check it out:

September 25, 2008
Op-Ed Columnist

Palin’s American Exception

Sarah Palin loves the word “exceptional.” At a rally in Nevada the other day, the Republican vice-presidential candidate said: “We are an exceptional nation.” Then she declared: “America is an exceptional country.” In case anyone missed that, she added: “You are all exceptional Americans.”

I have to hand it to Palin, she may be onto something in her batty way: the election is very much about American exceptionalism.

This is the idea, around since the founding fathers, and elaborated on by Alexis de Tocqueville, that the United States is a nation unlike any other with a special mission to build the “city upon a hill” that will serve as liberty’s beacon for mankind.

But exceptionalism has taken an ugly twist of late. It’s become the angry refuge of the America that wants to deny the real state of the world.


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