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The Sarah Palin Prophesies: The Bible Tells Us So

It turns out that there are at least two reasons why the fundamentalist few have embraced Palin as one of their own. It's not just that she has the proper credentials (although she does have those), but that her elevation to the position of presidential lady in waiting was foretold in the Bible. That, anyway, is what a letter posted on a fundamentalist blog says.

I actually wasn't going to post this as it came via a friend looking suspiciously like one of those viral emails that warns us about. So I did some checking and, sure enough, it's the genuine item.

Turns out a couple who attend a Fundamentalist Bible church in Colorado Springs called Freedom Church ( home to Dutch Sheets Ministries) , heard the pastor (that would be Rev. Sheets) claim that the Bible told him that Sarah Palin would make it to the White House. It all has to do with the number 444 and Alaska being the "alpha and omega" state, and other such predictions that will have the prophetically challenged saying: "huh?"

It's important to read this if for no other reason than it gives a glimpse into the religious subculture out of which Sarah Palin has emerged. This isn't to say that her church would embrace this. Fundamentalists are an independent lot. What one off the wall preacher says isn't necessarily endorsed by them all. But it does offer us a window into a world with which Governor Palin is well familiar.

Most importantly, you now know the reason why you need to vote for the McCain/Palin ticket in November. The Bible tells you so.

(Be sure to visit the blog from which this excerpt from the full letter is taken. The comments following this are almost as enlightening and entertaining as the piece itself).

Dutch Sheets on Sarah Palin

September 6, 2008 · 25 Comments

(an excerpt)

Dutch (the pastor of the church) was traveling to Texas on Friday , and when he landed in the airport, his wife called and told him to get to the TV asap. He watched McCain introduce Governor Palin, and said he began to weep, even though he knew nothing about her. (I experienced the very same thing and we have had reports of many others including Newt Gingrich).

He asked what the significance of this 44-year-old woman was, and he saw the clock said 4:44. He asked the Lord what that was, and the Lord said, “Ezekiel 44:4.” “He brought me by way of the north gate to the front of the temple; so I looked, and behold, the glory of the LORD filled the house of the LORD; and I fell on my face. NKJV (New King James Version of the Bible) North gate representing Alaska.

A few years ago Dutch and Chuck Pierce went on a 50-state tour prophesying over the state their part in God’s purposes for the U.S. At the meeting in Texas that evening Dutch was relaying his experience about the Governor to Chuck, who said, “Do you remember what the word was the Lord gave us for Alaska ?” The Lord had shown them that Alaska is the alpha and omega state. It is the place where things begin and end.

You may realize that some of the Alaskan islands are on the other side of the Dateline, meaning that the day begins and ends in Alaska. The Lord said that Alaska is a gateway for the Ancient of Days to come into the nation. The Lord told Dutch (back in Alaska ) to tell the people of Alaska to look forward into their destiny. Alaska has an assignment to open doors and a place where prophets and intercessors were trained. It turns out that the Governor, who was raised in a Pentecostal Church, according to our newspaper, founded the prayer movement in Alaska .

We will be having the last of our 90 days beginning in a major gathering Sept 11th. The significance of this is that Chuck Pierce had prophesied that there would be 7 years of war and Sept 11 marks the end of that time and the entering of the 8th year. Someone said that 44 = 4+4 or 8.

Dutch asked why he and Chuck were in Texas for this announcement, and the Lord reminded him that the word for Texas was that it is a prophetic state - that the Lord’s purpose for Texas is this prophetic function.

Dutch then decreed that she will enter the White House. Now, if you don’t know him, he is cautious, has his feet on the ground, and never goes off “half cocked” when it comes to prophecy. He said that he believes, as of Friday, the U.S. has come into a new level of alignment with the Lord and His purposes. By the way, the Governor will be the 44th Vice President. He continued to declare that she will be the Margaret Thatcher of America, including that she would be President one day. Many other things came forth. I literally thought I would explode because the Lord had shown me many of these same things yesterday.

I believe we especially need to rally prayer for the family and children of the Governor. They will be targeted by the enemy and I believe we need special prayer for the oldest daughter. Please take this seriously in your prayers.

Below is an important correction from Dutch Sheets website.


“There has been an email circulating with quotes from Pastor Dutch regarding Senator McCain and Governor Palin. This was NOT an email sent by Pastor Dutch. Someone took notes during a Sunday service and sent out this email. There are several inaccuracies within its content that warrant this statement.

The comment about Sarah Palin starting the prayer movement in Alaska is incorrect. She did not start the prayer movement, however, she is a woman of prayer. Pastor Dutch did not state that she is Pentecostal; the media has published that.

Lastly, the statement about Sarah Palin being the 44th Vice President is wrong. If elected into office, Governor Palin would be in the 44th administration but would be the 47th vice president.”

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