Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Silly Season has Begun: The Latest in the Trooper Gate Scandal

Our friend the AKMuckraker with the Alaska-based blog, Mudflats, has just put up the latest in the increasingly surreal comi-tragedy which is Trooper Gate. This entry is by an Alaskan state senator who, like most Alaskans, is getting a taste of the hard ball politics played by the Republican National Committee who are not only attempting to put a stop to the investigation, but are doing their best to discredit anyone who wishes it to continue.

The best excerpt from this piece , which AK has sub-texted: "Part Karl Rove, Part Laurel and Hardy," and which demands a full reading, is what this senator says about the audacious move made by Palin to investigate herself only to declare herself innocent. Imagine if our judicial system followed the same pattern - letting criminals investigate themselves. It would certainly ease the crowding in our jails . . .

It just gets interestingner and interestingner . .

Here's what he says:

"Last week the Attorney general’s office promised state witnesses would comply with subpoenas issued by the Legislature. On Tuesday the Governor’s Attorney General flip flopped, and announced that state witnesses wouldn’t comply because, well, and I’m paraphrasing here - he’s changed his mind. And in what has to be an idea hatched after a 4th Martini at Chilkoot Charlie’s, Governor Palin’s attorneys have filed a motion to dismiss the ethics claim she filed against herself two weeks ago. Yup. She really filed a complaint against herself. Tuesday she said she’s discovered, after a thorough investigation of herself, that she’s done nothing wrong.

Does anyone know how to get a hold of Jon Stewart and Tina Fey?"


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