Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin and the Alaskan Secessionists

Count the stars, folks. One is missing. That would be Alaska which the Alaskan Independence party is hoping will someday secede from the union. Now that they've got a sympathizer contending for a top post with the country they wish to secede from, perhaps their dream will come true.

Who knows, maybe the idea will catch on if Palin gets elected. California has always gone its own way. Why not make it a separate country? And how about Hawaii? They're such a long ways away from the rest of us. Might as well let them go. Or maybe Louisiana. Then we could send them foreign aid the next time a hurricane hits which is always easier and less messy than trying to deal with a crisis within our own borders. They do speak funny down there, don't they? Kind of like a foreign language.

Thanks to Mudflats for this and so much more. And don't miss the article this comes from where he takes on the Republican "Truth Squad." (kind of like the Mod Squad only less hip.).

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