Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Sarah Palin Effect Effects What?

It's been interesting watching the networks fall over themselves hunting for formerly Democratic white women who are so infatuated with Sarah Palin and angry with Obama for not choosing Clinton that it proves the power of the "Sarah Palin Effect." I saw one they interviewed at a Palin rally this past weekend who claimed to have been a former Democrat, only to throw that into question when she admitted she has never been very political.

The fact that the press has to look so hard to find these people makes one wonder how effective the Palin effect is. From what I've been reading it's had the opposite effect on many women who are appalled by what Palin stands for. The fact that she is also ill prepared for the position, almost embarrassingly so, hardly sells her to Clintonites. There's far too much to swallow here for whatever disappointment they may still feel over Clinton's loss to translate into a vote for McCain. The point is, most intelligent, reasonably well-read women, which is the vast majority of them (as opposed to men, where the "reasonably well-read" part would have to be modified), are not taken in by Sarah Palin. My wife, who fits this categorization, is certainly not alone in being able to spot a phony a mile away.

Let me go out on a limb and make a prediction here. The Palin effect will not be very effective come election time, especially as we find her continuing to stonewall the press as she repeats the same memorized lines over and over and over again. She will, in fact, become an irritant to many people, reminding them (as she reminds me) of that former cheerleader, student council president, miss straight A'ed, perfect toothed, goody two shoes who made high school such a hell for so many people. (She is irritating that way, don't you think?) The effect in this case will be to push more people into the Obama/Biden camp. And the Democrats will win the election. By how much I'm not certain. But they will win.

After the electionSarah will go back to Alaska, but having made so many enemies by lying about the bridge and sending high power Washington lawyers up to smear the reputation of the former police chief and state senators, she will be voted out of office. Finding this door closed and the "not welcome" sign out for the Wasilla mayor's position, she will move with her family to Washington to work as a high power lobbiest for the NRA.

Just see if I'm not right . . .

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