Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Direct from Alaska!

To get the real lowdown on the Gov (updated regularly)  check out the Mudflats blog.  Written by a twenty-year resident of the great northern state, this guy knows what he's talking about. His take on the speech tonight is classic.

The name of the blog is:  Mudflats:  Tiptoeing Through the Muck of Alaska Politics.  Here's how the blogger describes his site:

About Mudflats

 Mudflats has been a long time coming. Until now it’s been written in my head, where posts repeated themselves incessantly until they were set free and inflicted verbally upon friends, coworkers and my spouse. I think they all must be secretly relieved I have a new outlet. The thing that drove me over the edge, and into the blogosphere? Alaska Representative Don Young and the Republican Party voting against Mother’s Day (See my very first post). So, a nod to my muse, Don Young.  Go figure.

I have worked as a promotional writer and editor in the magazine industry, marketing, advertising, and blogging for my business. This is the first time I’m writing from my own perspective without trying to sell something.  I like it.

My political background? I am a citizen who is paying attention. I’ve had the good fortune to have had people in my life who were engaged, and aware, and dragged me along until I became engaged and aware too. I am also fortunate to count as my friends some of those who hold elected office in this state, and remind me by example that there are good people out there in our state and city government who are intelligent, diligent, ethical, and working hard for the best interest of Alaska.  

Personal background? I grew up on the East Coast and attended an ivy-covered New England liberal arts college. After graduating, and diving in to the business world, I decided to flee the NYC area and take a two year adventure to Alaska. When I arrived in Anchorage in February of 1991 without knowing a soul, only one month rent paid and $300 to my name, I looked out the window at the snow falling in the dark and wondered what I had done. By the time my two years were up, I was hooked.

I’ve put down deep roots here, and consider Alaska my home in every sense.  I see it as a place of tremendous potential for business, for energy, for innovative thinking, and for citizen activists to be able to make a tangible difference in their local and state government.

You can contact me at

Thanks for checking in, and I hope you enjoy the blog,


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